Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm back, My blogging and Scrapping friends!

First I want to apologize  to all my followers, that have come to my blog and found me missing in action for more then a month (don't know where the time went). I have been helping my little guy with his studies so he can pass the standardize tests in April  (He's having a hard time with math). Anywho, we'll see what happens with that.  Secondly, I have been trying to arrange a more productive way for me to work. And anyone with a tiny space can vouch for me that it is not easy finding a place to cram all the artsy stuff. I was especially having a hard time finding a way to organize my copics and prismacolor markers and the various ink pads and distress ink pads I have. I wanted it all in front of me because of the limited space I have to work with. Well I could not find anything suitable, but I had seen in various blogs and  on YouTube how to create your own out of foam board. So being the crafty person that I am, I hunted down the instructions and with a few modifications I made one of my own (and the rest is history).Oh I even made one for my little guy and its on the last photo. I  posted a few photos of  the process involve ( It was harder then it looks) and the end results are not perfect (some may even laugh at it) but I'm okay with that because I accomplished something and it suits my way of crafting and anyone wanting to make one can easily find the instructions online. Lastly I want to thank the many crafter's that posted their instructions on their blogs and the videos on YouTube to share with us all. Thanks for viewing! Now without further ado photos  below.
I started by preparing all the side pieces, I took a straight edge blade and gently scraped half inch from the edge.
Please don't scrape to deep because it weakens the edges and might break through the foam board.

I fitted  and Hot glued all four sides in place then I hot glued the  back piece to the four sides.  You just have to try to make the box as straight as possible. (pretty easy up until now).

I started playing around with the shelves to see the placement and dimension I wanted them to be.

Here I cut all the shelves and tried to be as precised as  I could,  I was worried they would not fit together  properly. It is not that hard you just need to  be  very sure of the measurements.  you know the old saying (measure twice and cut once).   

I made shorter shelves on top so I could put the ink pads  and distressed ink pads on them. The  shelves  look  crooked but I fixed the shelves as best I could and they  don't look so bad.

After  all the shelves are in there place, and I was sure they were as straight as possible ( I could not get them lined up perfectly)  I hot  glue  some edges  here and there  and I was done !  YAY 
Here is the finished  cubbie all filled up with my goodies.

 Every crafter should have a peg board, it holds so  much and keeps the items withen easy reach. 
Over here is where I keep my cartridges, I don't buy many just the ones I feel I will get a lot  of use out  of.  I have a lot more ribbon but it is elsewhere.

Here you see how I keep my word stamps and other small  wooden stamps.

This is the cubbie I made for my little guy, He loves it and filled it up with all his  goodies.

I Print my digital images in duplicate, because if I make a mistake I Have more left to color with out having to print again. The little guy is from the online store (Spesh Designer stamps) and it was by Max design.I messed up on his face skin coloring but I'm still learning.,Now the sweet infants are digi stamps from Sugar Nellie online store and they are called so adorable they are partly shaded so it makes it easier to see the high lights when you color them up.
This is a little  Pip image I have been working with , I have colored it up and will fussy cut it. I purchased it at Funky Kits. I might turn it into a Easter card or layout.