Sunday, February 17, 2013

My colored drawings for February 2013

Hello all my beautiful friends! <3
             I know it's been a while but I am having so much fun with my drawings and tags and other art work. On the right side you will find the blog address of where I spend a large portion of my spare time. I am learning a ton from this beautiful teacher and mentor (Adriana Almanza). She is simply amazing in how quickly you can pick things up and learn to draw even if you are a complete beginner. I tell you friends I could not get those facial features right no matter how many instruction books I read and looked at. But Ady as many in the art community call her taught me in little time by just viewing her videos and joining her classes. I am at a really happy time in my life.  I guess art is my calling  (at least for now) because it makes my heart sing! So If you come and see that I am taking long to post anything, just remember I am busy creating art and feeding my happy side!
                  Below are just a few of the pencil drawings and some colored one's I have done for February. I use Prisma colored pencils , Water color paint and Copics and for outlining I love to use the permanent slickwriter pens in black also fine point sharpies the black or sepia multiliners from Copic are good because they are permanent and resistant to wet media. For the pencil drawings I have just used a regular # 2 Ticonderoga brand pencil. Thanks so much for being here and viewing my post.  Hugs!!
This and most of the colored drawings here were done with Prisma color pencils and some touches of Copics and the white high lights are done with a white opaque jelly roll pen.


 This drawings are not by all means finished. I will sometimes work on one and finish the shading or fix something that seems odd to me and I might color them in. Sometimes they end up looking much different then the black and white drawing. But often times after being fixed and colored they end up being so much prettier then the pencil drawings shown here. If  I change any of these I will try to post the color ones so you can see the difference it makes when they are colored in.  Thanks for viewing!