Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all my crafty friends

                  Hi, I hope everyone is fine and enjoying the holiday season and being thankful for all the Lord has giving us. I had hopes for blogging a few weeks ago, but we all know things don't go as planned.
           One day I woke up in the middle of the night with pains all over my hip bones and legs and I could not shake them off, I would be okay during the day not totally pain free but enough that I could walk around and take my son to school and back home. But once I tried to sleep the pains came back and this went on for a week before I told my husband it's time to go to the emergency room. 
          Well at the hospital they asked the usual questions and hooked my special ID bracelets on and put me in there most comfortable stretcher together with like 30 other sick people. After a long while they took blood samples and sent me up for a scan. To make a long story short the Doctor found nothing wrong with me and sent me home with  pain killers for a week. I took them an about 2 weeks later I was able to sleep without any pain. Seems like I might have over worked my body and had muscle pain (never knew that type of pain before). This past week I have been with a bad cold, I'm slowly getting over it and feeling better. There's nothing better then knowing you are soon getting together with family, to lift your spirits up and forget your pain. I love the holidays!      
     I also wanted to let you know of a wonderful Lady called Adriana Almanza, I call her my teacher extraordinaire because I have already learned so much from her. she has a lovely teaching blog and Ning site, and she draws and colors the most adorable dolls with huge eyes(many call it big eye art) and I just adore them. She makes journals and she can paint so beautiful, she uses so many different medias like prismas, copics, spectrum noir, acrylic, watercolor and ect. ect. and her work is just a joy to watch. I could go on and on but I will just give you her blog and let you decide for yourself, it is http://www.adrianaalmanza.blogspot.com/  I used to draw many years ago but gave up because I really wasn't that good. And one day I came across one of Ady's youtube videos and I fell in love with her type of art and ever since I have been practicing drawing faces  because she says you must practice practice practice, well you get the point. Here is a small sample of my drawings. It's okay to laugh (some of them are so comical)LOL, But I'm just a beginner and I'm still trying.

I try to do different types of faces and hair styles I also used whatever pen or pencil was available at the moment when I did these. because I practice on my spare time, I don't always have the special sketching pencils on me.  I might have to make a mini kit to carry with me. 

I have a lot of problems with facial features and placement especially the eyes (oh I hope I get better lol ).

I uploaded these on Dec. 6, 2012

These are my latest pencil drawings drawn on December 2012

This  pencil drawing is my best one yet, according to the family that is,  hmmm

This was the last recent one, I did not feel like drawing but I did one anyway.
Here are some I had done earlier and forgot to post.
   These were done on December 18,2012


Okay I wanted to also show you some bookmarks I did for my grandson's 4th birthday. my daughter set it up in Funtopia USA and she wanted the goodies to be Batman for the boys and Lalaloopsy for the girls. I made some batman and Lalaloopsy coloring books with free coloring pages I found online. The bookmarks I did with the free images I found online I colored them with Bic Markers and the skin tone I used copic markers. I cut them out and  pasted them to chipboard and put some cute pattern paper on the back, I ran into a little problem when I modpodged the bookmarks because they bubbled slightly but once dried they were okay. Here are the Pics below. 

Here are the coloring books I made for the kids. I forgot to take a pic of the final ones I did with the colored covers which I made from cardstock.

Here are the Pictures of the children enjoying themselves and of some of the other family members.
The cute birthday boy and the girl with pink bow in her shirt and the darling boy next to her are my Grandbabies and the tall girl is my niece and the boy with the grey striped shirt in front of her is my beautiful son and the handsome man holding the baby is my son in law.

My Beautiful daughter  and mother of my grandchildren is here, she  loves to host party's for children  and she also bakes the most delicious cakes. The whole family loves her red velvet cupcakes. She also works as an assistant teacher.

The birthday boy uncle and aunt.

Here we have the Birthday boy other wonderful Grandma and mother of the boy's Dad.

The Happy Birthday Boy. ( I love you Alex!)

When the pinata broke there was a mad dash on the floor for the candy.

Thanks to everyone that viewed this long post.
Lots of blessings and have a great Thanksgiving holiday. Hugs always's!