Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas to all the Scrappy Crafters out there.

                              I want to say Thank You to all the special bloggers that wished me well on this blog. You all lifted my spirits with your wonderful words. I pray that each and everyone of you's are doing great and enjoying the holiday season. I know it might be hard to enjoy the season in light of the recent news on the Teli. where a recent tragedy sent 20 little angels and six adults back to heaven a week before Christmas. I was shaken to the core and sick to my stomach with this news, but with a lot of praying I am slowing getting some crafting done and I hope you are doing the same.  

                                 I joined a Tag swap again, with the amazing Laura hosting it from following the paper trail. We had one last year and it was so much fun but last year it was about 300 people and about 2000 tags so she shorten the group this year to about 100 people and we picked the months that we would like to make tags for. In return we will receive the rest of the months back from the swappers. Below are a few photos of the tags I made and as always I will post the ones I receive after the holidays.

I do create quite a stir (mess) when I'm being creative. lol

I always like to sign my tags with my name and blog address.

These are the June tags, they really did not need a twine or ribbon because they are going to be hung with the little hanger clips. I just tied a little braided cord out of habit.

                                                   These are November Tags, I thought the colors were good for Autumn.

                                                               I have continued  my drawings and have updated my sketches a few times. You will find them under the thanksgiving post. I will try to find a better place for them so you don't have to scroll so much to find them. Adriana gave us a Christmas gift in the form of a Christmas angel pdf for us to color and post on her ning site. She asked us to make a card out of it. I colored two of them but have not made cards out of them yet. I used prisma color pencils and copic spica glitter pens and a white sakura gelly roll for the eyes and lots of stickles. the pics are below.


I'm still learning how to use the Prisma color pencils and how to blend the colors. As you can see I still need lots of work. They are not as easy as they seem. I think I do better with the Copic markers. I still want to learn to use them properly, so I will continue to practice with them.

Hi, If you have made it down to here please view and read the bottom pics. I just want to introduce Otis, A five month old seal point Siamese Kitten My son adopted for me from the North shore Animal league, to keep me company at home  because a few weeks back my little Gordian finch bird flew away and never came back. My son knew I was sad about that and he said I needed a kitten and he was right! This little bundle of fur has brought joy and  lifted my spirits with his antics (he is also driving the rest of the family crazy, by getting into all there stuff.)  He is one of the rescue animals the shelter brought in from the recent hurricane. I am happy he is healthy and is up to date with all his shots, he will go next week for some kitten blood work and we already have a vet (Yay). Here are some Pics of him.

Here is Otis, a five month seal point Siamese kitten whose favorite pass time is napping. He actually sleeps half the day.
Otis would love to share his brothers meal

No box is safe from kitty,  If he can open it with his paws he will jump right in and he has fallen asleep in them too.

Awww ,  just look at that cute face. 

Now following are a few pics of my little guy who has fallen in love with this ball of fluff.

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                                               Thank you all for visiting this blog and taking your time to view this post. With the year coming to and end I want to also thank you for all your wonderful posts in your blogs throughout the year. I will continue to post next year and hope you all will do the same, lets keep the creativity going. God bless each and every one of you. Please take care be safe and have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (Cheers to 2013).