Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone!

                Hope everyone had a fantastic end of year, and are all starting the new year with lots of inspiration and fresh new crafting ideas.  I have not done much crafting this month but have continue my drawings and so I will post those below. It's always a little hard for me to get back into posting  and creating after the mayor holidays are over.  I think it's because everything gets tossed into my craft room when we are setting up the rest of the house for the festivities. Then when it's all over I have to spend a great deal of time putting old and new decorations away and throwing out boxes and left over crumple tissue and wrapping paper and recycling, just trying to get the room back in working order. I also wanted to mention that even though blogger has not stopped me from posting photos, I have noticed that it has stopped other bloggers from posting their photos and it's sad to see them not posting anymore. I hope there is a fix or work around to this soon, I would hate to see regular bloggers leave because of this. I am going to try really hard this year to get more cards and Scrapbooking done and join a few of the challenges going around. Well, here are the sketches I have done and don't forget I have more below on the November (2012) post also. Hugs to all and happy creating in 2013!

This was for the January challenge on Doll Dreams, we had to just use grey colors and it could be  pencils or markers. I chose four greys from my copic collection and a black copic multi liner and a white jelly roll pen.

I'm trying different hair styles on these faces.

These look a little different from my normal drawings because I  wanted to do some profile and different  looking faces.
                                  Thanks for viewing and lots of hugs to all!