Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm back and this will be a very lonnnnnnnnng post my friends!

                  Hello my beautiful people!    I have been gone a while from the blog and have missed my regular crafty buddies a lot. The last couple of months have been overwhelming indeed. I took some time to take an Art course at the University ( Glad that it's over). I have also continued to take online classes with two beautiful and talented Ladies The Gorgeous Kat McBride and the beautiful Ady Almanza. I have learned so much and continue to improve day by day.
            I Will be going around the craft community and visit with a lot of the blogs to see what I have missed, but first I want to post some pics of what I have been up to.  A few months back I found out my daughter is expecting her second daughter. I am so happy another little girl to spoil! Well I have been sewing up a storm for her, I have made two quilts and a pillow. I'm in the process of making the matching bumpers to the quilts for the crib and I will be doing a few fitted crib sheets and changing table covers.
                I have also done some jewelry for my sisters and I am currently working on some new styles. You will see pics of what I have already done below. Some of These are one of a kind pieces I have designed myself. I learned Jewelry making a while back and I love to invent new styles. I love giving my sisters earrings and matching bracelets created by me for their birthdays. It is so cool to see them wearing Jewelry I have created. I love working with different gems and findings. I like working with Swarovski  crystals, they are faceted and come in so many colors and I love how they sparkle. Another favorite is Czech glass and fire-polish beads because they come in so many shapes and colors. Amazonite is green and lightly marbled and Turquoise especially the sleeping beauty is a gorgeous gemstone with no matrix. I work with sterling silver and goldfilled wire, but love silver plated copper wire because it is very workable and does not oxidize like sterling silver does. It never needs polishing and it is quite strong. Another plus of this wire is it's affordability, really you won't be breaking the bank with this wire.
                  Oh, before I forget in our art group we are working with blue ink. Yes! just a regular cheap Bic pen in blue.  I have been practicing my pen work in a moleskin art journal  because the pages are so smooth and there is no bleed through to the next page. It is mainly filled with Mermies.
                                                 Well Thanks so much for keeping up with me, I can't wait to get back to the crafty blogs and the wonderful card challenges and to my Project life I have missed it so much!  Okay enjoy the Pics.  :-) 

I found a cool way of sewing the delicate baby fabric without pin holes. I just use paper clips and it holds well and viola no pinholes. 
Here is the matching fitted crib sheet.

Going to use the colorful fabric to sew the other side of this baby quilt.
Other side of pillow with coordinating fabric.

Baby pillow stuffed and her name embroidered by hand on it.
Woo-Hooo Bumper is made. This fabric is so cheerful.
Had to Iron all 14 of  the bumper ties.

What I like about these baby fabrics  is that they all seem to combine with each other. The pieces blend well with each other. Cool!

Here is the back of the panel bird quilt and the fabric ready for the batting to create  a matching bumper for the crib.

here some more fabric for some crib sheets.

Here is my trusty sewing machine. It is a Singer brand and I have had it for about 30 years. It is still going strong and I have sewn many outfits on it. I have a brother embroidery digital sewing machine, but I always end up using my Singer Machine. 

                                   The pics below are of some of the jewelry I have done and given out as gifts to my family. I need to arrange my blog into sections, I will see where I can find information on that. 
Here and below is a group of earrings I created for my Sisters.

Here and below you will see some sets of earrings and matching bracelets, I created for my Sisters. I love my sisters and enjoy giving them handmade items because they are unique and one of a kind.

My Little guy decided to model my handmade rings ( so cute).

This is a very delicate set and you can see the little handmade charm I put mainly on all my bracelets.

This was a design I came up with one day it was very intricate and took along time to make.

Well this is a work in progress.  If you made it all the way down here, YAY! and  Thanks for keeping up  with me.