Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A new fur baby living with us now!

 Hi Everyone,  First of all I want to wish all the friends that still follow me and those that are just passing thru, A wonderful Thanksgiving this month!.  I would like to let you all in on what's been happening around here lately. I was taking four online classes, but had to drop one. I managed finishing two, and one is still going on until Dec.2013. I am also into several art groups and a lot of challenges and swapping going around. I also have a hyper 10 year old that keeps me on my toes. Anyway, like if life was not hectic enough for me, I decided it was time for a cute little fuzzy Puppy for my son to play with. We got this Boston terrier puppy named Domino at four weeks.   ( He is now 9 weeks).
                      Now let me tell you what a wake up call I have had. I was not aware of the amount of work and attention a puppy needs. Being a first time mommy to this puppy has really tried my patience  ( You need the patience of a saint to forgive and keep going). Many times  I have found shoes chewed up, The beautiful bed I made him shred to pieces and the sofa covers peed on and poop on the rugs, and if you forget an important document or an art piece ( well you can kiss that good-bye) .
                         I have washed the covers and thrown away the rugs. And each time I think I have puppy proof the place, he finds a new thing to chew on. like the edges of the newly paint wall trims all the way down to the raw wood. He can unscrew the nuts and bolts from the dinning room chairs and forget the wood gates ( Saw-dust after he gets through with them). He also loves chewing on all the cables and remotes he can find. He barks half the nite because he wants to sleep in someone's bed ( Not in mines!) And like if that was not enough he BITES, I pick him up to play with and within seconds I have to leave the room because no amount of telling him NO helps! 
                         We have bought him an insane amount of puppy chew toys and all kinds of different treats and milk bones to help with his chewing. The Vet say's all puppy's go through this stage ( I just hope His new teeth don't hurt as much as his baby teeth).  Okay Now enough ranting about the puppy ( I just needed to let it out).  Below I have posted Pics Of this adorable Puppy  who has turned our life up-side down but we love with all our hearts! 
Domino at 4 weeks old.

Domino at 7 weeks old.

Domino at 12 weeks old.