Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Checking in before 2016 ends.

Hello Everyone! This will be a very short post. I just want to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season with lots of blessings to you and your Family. This is the third year that has gone by without me posting anything, and it is not for lack of pics and stories, but because life has just been going so fast and hectic and has pulled me in so many directions that I just don't find the time to sit down and blog about it. I did start a new hobby meant to bring me calm, and it is felting with wool. I really hope to find time next year to share my stories, projects and new hobbies. For now, You all have a blessed and amazing Year in 2017 and may it be filled with Creative Energy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Checking in before the end of 2015

              I have been gone a long time from my blog. But I also made big changes in my life, My family and I moved from one state to another and I have used the time spent away from here to join some classes and learn new ways of using my craft mediums. I have also used the time to be closer to my family and enjoy life with them. 
              I spend a big chunk of time on Facebook, there is a whole lot of things going on there besides great family fun. I have joined art groups and met a lot of marvelous and talented people, and have made a few close friends there too. but I know I will have to spend a lot less time there if I want to keep this blog updated. I am hoping to come here on a regular basis and have new art stuff and crafty things to show you. Will have to make some time for that.
              Today is the first of winter and it is like almost 60 degrees outside and we might break a record for Christmas eve, with weather like 70 or more. I am used to snow and weather in the 20s and 30s  by Christmas.  Anyway as always I hope to be more involved and busy with this blog. I am hoping to have my art and crafts well organized, so I don't have to spend 15 minutes looking for an item, when I am ready to do some crafting. 
              If you are here reading this, I Thank You for taking the time, I also want to wish you and Everyone else a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2016 be kinder to us all. Wanda

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends in blog-land!

 WOW time does fly! I cannot believe it has been more then a year since I was last here. I have been gone from here doing other stuff, like painting and taking online classes on creative art. I am in a few art groups on facebook and in a few weeks will be doing the winter swap of ATCs and also a Round Robin journal with a closed group. I will post about them when they are done. I am here today because I just did not want the year to end without wishing everyone a blessed season and hopeful New Year. May 2015 bring everyone lots of health and happiness!! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Some Artsy swap stuff I have made.

                                        Hello my bloggy friends.   This is a very quick post I want to show you some of the art I have made for some swaps.  One of them is in celebration of Frida Kahlo, the other is one I did for a head-shot portrait swap. The art with blue hair is the head-shot I received  from Annette Moore for the swap. There is a eye art I did for the October monthly challenge. All were done with Copic markers and some Prisma pencils.  Thanks so much for viewing!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A new fur baby living with us now!

 Hi Everyone,  First of all I want to wish all the friends that still follow me and those that are just passing thru, A wonderful Thanksgiving this month!.  I would like to let you all in on what's been happening around here lately. I was taking four online classes, but had to drop one. I managed finishing two, and one is still going on until Dec.2013. I am also into several art groups and a lot of challenges and swapping going around. I also have a hyper 10 year old that keeps me on my toes. Anyway, like if life was not hectic enough for me, I decided it was time for a cute little fuzzy Puppy for my son to play with. We got this Boston terrier puppy named Domino at four weeks.   ( He is now 9 weeks).
                      Now let me tell you what a wake up call I have had. I was not aware of the amount of work and attention a puppy needs. Being a first time mommy to this puppy has really tried my patience  ( You need the patience of a saint to forgive and keep going). Many times  I have found shoes chewed up, The beautiful bed I made him shred to pieces and the sofa covers peed on and poop on the rugs, and if you forget an important document or an art piece ( well you can kiss that good-bye) .
                         I have washed the covers and thrown away the rugs. And each time I think I have puppy proof the place, he finds a new thing to chew on. like the edges of the newly paint wall trims all the way down to the raw wood. He can unscrew the nuts and bolts from the dinning room chairs and forget the wood gates ( Saw-dust after he gets through with them). He also loves chewing on all the cables and remotes he can find. He barks half the nite because he wants to sleep in someone's bed ( Not in mines!) And like if that was not enough he BITES, I pick him up to play with and within seconds I have to leave the room because no amount of telling him NO helps! 
                         We have bought him an insane amount of puppy chew toys and all kinds of different treats and milk bones to help with his chewing. The Vet say's all puppy's go through this stage ( I just hope His new teeth don't hurt as much as his baby teeth).  Okay Now enough ranting about the puppy ( I just needed to let it out).  Below I have posted Pics Of this adorable Puppy  who has turned our life up-side down but we love with all our hearts! 
Domino at 4 weeks old.

Domino at 7 weeks old.

Domino at 12 weeks old.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wow! I can't believe so much time has passed since I was last here.  Anyway I couldn't let Halloween pass me by with out at least posting the tall swap cards I did for a few friends in the art group I am in.
I did three witches for Halloween

Here are the ones I received back from the swap. The one with the pink hair and witchy hat with star came all the way from my art teacher in Germany  She also sent me the other Goodies beside it,one is a sticker of one of her dolly paintings and the other two are tiny and cute atc's of her doll art.
These also came from Ady Almanza

This beauty came from Ady Almanza! 
This one came from a dear friend Annette. I
love her art paintings and that cute owl!
This one came from Trish, the  lady that
arranges the swaps in our art group.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The tags I received and Just a few more art sketches, The sketches are still work in progress pics.

Hello friends, I wanted to post these before any more time passed. I will be starting a 15 week course at the State University of NY tomorrow, It will be about digital Art. I know my time will be limited here on my blog and on facebook. but I will try to post some of what I am learning. Hugs and much love to all!! <3
These are the monthly tags I received from a tag swap a while ago and I keep forgetting to post them. I did the Month of November and received all the other months.
An here is the second set of  monthly tags. I did the month of June  on this swap. The reason for the empty spot is because I misplaced the tag at the time I took this pic.
Here is a old pic I took when I did the June tag that has gone missing .

A recent sketch

This is still a work in progress.

I like this one and might redo in color.