Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The tags I received and Just a few more art sketches, The sketches are still work in progress pics.

Hello friends, I wanted to post these before any more time passed. I will be starting a 15 week course at the State University of NY tomorrow, It will be about digital Art. I know my time will be limited here on my blog and on facebook. but I will try to post some of what I am learning. Hugs and much love to all!! <3
These are the monthly tags I received from a tag swap a while ago and I keep forgetting to post them. I did the Month of November and received all the other months.
An here is the second set of  monthly tags. I did the month of June  on this swap. The reason for the empty spot is because I misplaced the tag at the time I took this pic.
Here is a old pic I took when I did the June tag that has gone missing .

A recent sketch

This is still a work in progress.

I like this one and might redo in color.


  1. Hi Wanda, How are you. Hope all is well.
    The tags are really nice, and your sketches are
    beautiful. Keep up the good work and TFS

  2. Hi, Wanda!
    Good to see you back even if it is just a short visit! Good luck in school!
    Those tags look wonderful...what a fun swap for you.
    and your drawings and art are amazing. I see things in my head but can't make the conversion to paper! You're amazing!


  3. Hi Wanda, glad to see that you are still drawing. Its funny how you start one thing but with time jump to another that you may love more. Your sketches are great. I have seen the improvement. Keep them coming.