Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whew! Where did half of April go?

                                       Hello to all my beautiful Crafty friends. Now where did that first half of April go I ask myself? Well, there was a Birthday party for my son who turned 10 on April 1. Then I know there was a second birthday on the 13th for my nephew. But, what about the days in between. Well I don't know ( yeah right) who am I kidding. I have left my poor blog alone while I study. I tell you my beautiful people when I study, I don't know left from right or right from wrong and the days blend one into the other until I don't even know what month or day it is. I can't tell you the countless times I have wanted to come and post something and found it was way past my bed time and decided to hop in bed and get some sleep instead. But I have some stuff to post. I also have been advancing in my Art and I found time to take a Free Art workshop with the incredible and beautiful Kat Mcbride! She taught me lessons I did not know, but That will help when I move on  to color portraits. I will also take some time to do a self portrait. I am still doing my Graphite pencil drawings and at the bottom of this post, I have put up two pics of my most recent work.  I hope all of you have stayed productive and are posting all your incredible arts and crafts. Thanks so much for visiting me for a while and God Bless!!

 Here is some Easter baskets that I Made for my sons birthday and some pics of the children coloring their Easter eggs. 

I learned how to create these baskets from some instructions I found online using a sheet of 12x12 patterned card stock.  I used brads to connect the handles to the baskets. I sealed all the edges with some doubled sided tape. all was easy peasy!

They look yummy!!!
I did eight Of these paper baskets and wrapped them with cellophane and color ribbon  for the kids as goodie bags.
I did pink for the girls and blue for the boys.
All it takes for one basket is one 12x12 cardstock and a little extra for the handle.  I fold the handle lengthwise and seal it for strength.

The kids had a great time coloring their boiled eggs

The children had so much fun coloring their eggs. 
I was so proud of their efforts and their eggs were beautiful!!
My Grandson Alex was the newest Picasso in the family!
Here are the latest of my pencil drawings.

I am shading a little better now and my noses are not so  cartoon looking.
Here is a Big eye girl done in a more  cartoonist way but the shading shows vast improvements over my other drawings.
  Thanks  for visiting and come back soon I still have the Tags I received from a tag swap to post.

Here is a group of sketches made in pencil


  1. Your Easter basket are so cute! My daughter's hair looks just like your last They're awesome.
    Hugz, Z

  2. Really darling baskets, Wanda! How nice for the children! And you are right--your shading is really improving! Good for you! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  3. Hi, Wanda! So glad you stopped by my blog and visited! Thanks for the sweet comment. I hadn't seen you around much...glad things are fine and that you've just be oh so busy! It seems like there is always something to keep me from crafting...right now I don't want to mess up my room. LOL!
    I am back on schedule pretty much (well, I haven't done last week's) with my Project Life. It is amazing how quickly I can get behind. Feels good to catch up but I will say the last two weeks I've chosen to do very simple that I could get them done quickly.
    Your drawings are amazing. I cannot even imagine how long those faces take to do! So interesting an beautiful!

    Take care!!!


  4. Oh the puddle ducks are having so much fun!!! I'm so happy to visit you here in your creative world! Visit again real soon . Your Canadian friend xDebi. Aka...Prudence Puddleduck. Lololo