Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New tags,small tiles and a cubby update.

                        Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing great this time of year. Autumn is my favorite time of the year.The leaves have begun to fall and they are changing from there green color to the beautiful fall colors like orange, red, brown and yellow and some leaves have turn deep burgandy. I like that the weather is not to hot and it is not so cold. You really just need a light jacket and not heaps and layers of clothes like in winter.   Okay, enough weather talk, Sorry I was in my news reporting mode LOL.  Now lets get back to what this blog is about (Crafty Stuff) and some blogging.
                 Well, I have been gone for a while trying new stuff, like embossing and crackle paint and Mod Podge, sealers and lacquers and I'm trying to water color on canvas (but that will be on another post). Here are four tags I made using some of these mediums.
I changed the tag on the top right and you will see that on one of the pics below.
I distressed an arch shaped piece of card stock and added  flowers in  silver, peach and beige. 
The tag in the top left needed a lot of work because at the time I did not have Gesso to cover the  kraft like paper. I had to  color it with white acrylic paint in order to be able to use distress ink on it. I also did not want to mess up the embossing of the couple I had done. following are a few pics showing a little of the procedure I used.

Here I stamped an Anna Griffin  vine stamp all over the tag

Adding ribbon, decisions decisions  

I like the way the butterflies came out and I stamped some trees to the card . She looks like she's soaring above the trees.

Now, This idea I got from watching Jennys644 from Youtube. She has a website called Freestyle Crafts (It's awesome and has more then 2000 videos). Well, her name is Fiona  I saw her video on making tiny tiles by cutting up regular chipboard into small tile size chips and painting them white. You can use any type of stamps on them or you can cut small pics from your paper pads ( I used pics from the Graphic 45 paper pads). If you decide to stamp them you can use any type of distress colors on them. You then have to use a sealer ( I used glue and seal from ranger). after letting the tiles dry you can add a generous layer of glossy accents or 3d lacquer to get a glossy dome layer effect on them. let them dry overnight undisturbed and they turn out like old vintage tiny tiles. They turned out great!

They have the lacquer on and they have not dried to the clear  stage yet.

Here they have the glue and seal and  are waiting to dry

Here they have the final layer of lacquer and are almost dry and clear.

Up now I want to show you  another foam board cubby I made for my craft  table. I also took out the  last cubby holes from my older one and redid it with drawers at the bottom. This was not my idea, I want to give credit to Robin from RobinCreativeCottage. I was viewing the storage other crafters do on you tube and came accross her video of her storage with drawers and I decided to make  a new craft storage with drawers and I also updated my old storage  cubby with drawers on the bottom.I added paper from DCWV and gaint round brush silver brads as drawer knobs. I have been having my older one for a while now and it has held up just fine. Untill I find something suitable in wood, these will do just fine. They are easy,simple and inexpensive. If you need storage for light items and are on a budget try these. There are all over You tube and many crafters have done wonderful videos explaining the procedure that goes with creating one of these storage units. The units are simple, just be careful with the hot glue gun it gets hot and a little messy. besides that they are fun to create.Well here is the end of my post.  If you have made your way down this long post  I want to Thank you  so much for reading and viewing this post. Lots of hugs and as always may God bless you all!
Everything is withen reach and I like that.
My desk is much more organized now.
In these drawers I keep washi tape and glue sticks double daubers and clear mounts.

I keep small jars of flocking and perfect pearls, ink pots, embossing  powders and  perfect mediums  in these  drawers.     Thanks for taking the time to view my post.


  1. I love those tiles. They look like so much fun to make. I have seen the tile ones but not the ones made of cardboard. Great idea.
    Love the way you organized your desk area. Very neat and clean idea to place all the tools you use daily.
    Thanks for always dropping in my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. I have been to your blog but had noticed you had not posted any thing new, until now.

  2. You certainly have been having fun, haven't you? :^) Love all the techniques you used to create your wonderful tags and tiles! And your room is much more organized than mine! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  3. You have been one busy lady! Wow! all kinds of pretty things!!! Love all those tags and the techniques looks like such fun.
    And your foam board storage units look great and are so functional!


  4. I love all your tags but my favor is the tiles it remind me when I used to make inches, its almost like it but we use cardstock and did all kind of techniques. I'm going to do a video on them. I love it. I just love how your came out
    tfs my friend
    hug Evelyn

  5. Hey Wanda. You are always so sweet with the comments you leave me. The cruise was a blast. I think if you have a chance to go to one, you should. Don't miss out on the opportunity. I scrapped the whole entire time and did not bother once to even walk the ship. Most of the girls had a silhouette cameo and I finally gave in and ordered mine. It should be here in 2 weeks. I do love my cricut, but will use the cameo for my paper piecing.
    Thanks for stopping by my channel. Ana

  6. Great tags. What a nice cubby area you have. So clean and organised. Hope you have fun crafting there.

  7. Wow Wanda, your craftroom looks great and what a great idea to make a cubby out of foamboard. Must remember this:). I really like your blog,it really looks nice and fun. Love your other crafty pojects :). it's always so much fun to read blogs from other people.

    Hugs Petra ( from Ady's community):)