Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friends and Family effected by Hurricane Sandy.

             A big warm hug to all my scrappy friends. My deepest sympathy and condolences go out to all those in the North East and everywhere that have lost their homes and loved one's due to hurricane Sandy. I have been crafting but I don't want to post anything I have done. I just want to reflect upon and post about the last couple of days here, which I have spent mostly in my craftroom  cutting, painting, gluing, scrapping and doing anything that will keep me sane and focus and not tuned to the Television. The News has been on all day for the past three days and has not stopped giving me a play by play of all the loss and destruction left by Hurricane Sandy.
             I know in a natural disaster we don't get to choose who stays and who goes and we are no match for Mother Nature's fury when she is upset. It hurts to see so many innocent live's lost and many people without homes. Having lost everything they have ever worked for. It hurts to hear the horror of people being crushed by tree's and other's having lost everything down to their precious children's photographs.
             My husbands job has shut down because of loss of power, so he's out of a job  until further notice and my children have not returned to school because many of the school's have been turned into shelters for those in need. My oldest daughter and sons have also been out of work for loss of power The buses have limited service and the subways and trains have been shutdown until they can be fixed (water damage everywhere).
               I Live in the North East and I thank the Lord on bend knees's for having spared us, for we still have a roof above our heads and are still together. To all those that have not fared well my heart goes out to you, I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep the faith and be strong the lord will light the way. Hugs and much love to all! 


  1. Hi Wanda, You are so right about Mother Nature. How sad what everyone is going thru. But like you said, God will light the way. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully you and your family survived Sandy and are all together. Stay safe and scrap whenever you get a chance, for your sanity. I will keep you and your family and all the other families in my prayers. ANA

  2. Hi Wanda, I'm happy to read and to know you and your family is OK. As for me God was Good, for me and my family, friends. I just got 1/2 inch of water in my craft room which is my basement. No damage was done. My hubby and I was so ready. We have a sup bump and we lift all my stuffs that I had on the floor so that was a good thing, but on the other hand it's devastated by me, to watch people's homes watch away and bodies being found. I live in Staten Island 10 min. from the beach and the houses near the beach got destroyed it so sad my heart is so heavey. We put some boxes of baby food,closth and cans food. All I could say
    is thank you sweet lord. Amen
    Hug and God bless everyone. Evelyn
    PS- Hi Ana good to see you're OK too