Friday, February 17, 2012

Cards for Sebastian

                 This past weekend, I took some time to make a few cards for a darling and sick little boy named Sebastian. I found out about him when I paid a visit to the blog of a very nice lady named Ana, from Scrappy Pink Corner. She had told a little about him and put the link on her blog.  I read the story of Sebastian over at ginger's house ( the blog belongs to his teacher) and she tells his story with the parents permission.

                 This little boy has a condition called Arthrogryposis, it means that this little boy's bones stiffen and he has abnormally developed muscles. Sebastian's arms, hands, legs and feet are affected by this condition. He has many scars over his little body, from all the surgeries and still more to come. He will soon have to endure another surgery and his teacher just had one wish, for his hospital room to be filled with cards so that when he wakes up he can see how much people care and to show him how special he is.

                    His teacher (God bless her) says that she has actually learned what the quote "You are as happy as you choose to be" really means, this little boy who has every right to be angry at the world, isn't angry at all.
He has chosen to be happy and that happiness is contagious.  Thanks for viewing

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